This website is a compilation of work done by architecture students of INDUS University, Ahmedabad. The course was a two week long module where students engaged with different exercises related to mapping.

Goals: · To Explore and understand cartography and power of maps · To understand and use the different methods of representation (artistic/ abstract) associated with map making and data visualization · To do actual field mapping and uncover the stories and data related to the city


Read a map: The first exercise brought each student to study and discuss one map, to understand the biases, question the notions of accuracy, to reflect on what the map is talking about and the representation techniques used for the same.

Reading response: Readings from several well-known writers on cartography and cities were shared and discussed in class, every student had to understand and express an opinion and write about it.

Network mapping: “Cities are complex networks of interlocked infrastructures that bring resources in, use resources to provide services and generate wealth, and dispose of the wastes that are generated”. This exercise had to look at any one network that city relies on and uncover the complexity of its flow of inputs and outputs through a map.

Mapping public spaces: Final exercise was driven towards rigorous on-field mapping of many diverse layers of the city (tangible, transient and intangible) that decodes and unfolds the life through maps of small urban spaces in Ahmedabad.

Course instructor:

Mansi Shah is an architect – urban designer. She is currently based in Ahmedabad and is teaching in Faculty of planning at CEPT University. She also works on her independent research projects on different subjects under Ahmedabad Mapping project, City water walks and Pocket-garden. Prior to this, she was working as a senior researcher at Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre, DICRC, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India and has co-authored the book “Prathaa: Kath-khuni architecture of Himachal Pradesh”. She has a keen interest in pedagogy and has carried out several projects to explore ways to support innovative learning experience for students.

Students – INDUS Batch 2012

Smit Anand, Parth Champaner, Suhas Chaudhari, Tanvi Duggad, Drashta Gyayak, Himani Shingala, Kalgi Kapasi, Vaishvi Likhar, Manaswi Shah, Pooja Mevada, Neel Mewada, Divyarajsinh Rana, Priyanshi Shah, Punit Panchal, Dhriti Kimothi, Avisha Shah, Puja Sable, Khushbu Shangani, Poojan Shah, Vastal Patel, Vishwa Undaviya, Rtvij Savaliya, Anish Patel, Zahra Lokhandwala, Saurin Patel, Angad Ankala, Chitra Ahuja, Zalak Patel, Pooja Nagraj, Nemi Shah, Rinal Mistry, Krishna Variya, Jhanvi Thakkar, Saloni Shah, Vasakhi Gajjar