Mapping Thaltej Vegetable Market

Team: Jhanvi Thakar, Drashta Gyayak, Krishna Varia, Vaishakhi Gajjar, Manaswi Shah

A place that doesn’t wait for time: Thaltej Vegetable Market

Context and Market


Mapping Activity through the day


What about evening? What are the black dots? Where is the legend? 

Mapping of movement of people


legend too big and and indicate what is map is saying 

Mapping of movement of people at different time of the day:  Through the study at vegetable market, the movement of people, the pattern which they follow while moving around the corner and the places/ spaces which they visit most can be seen. While following few of the costumers, the choices of the crowd, the pattern due to obstructions, and also the path they take due to animal interference has been observed.morning-peoplenoon-peopleevening-people-movment

Animal movement map: Animals living nearby roam in the market for food, a perfect blend of man with animals can be seen here. Cows, goats, dogs, and buffalo usually wander around the lake and in morning near the stalls as to eat the waste thrown by the vendors. The pattern of movement of any animal normally involves the places where vegetable waste is found which ends up till the lake.


Mapping Smell: Map different types of smell, location and direction.



Mapping sounds at different time:  Mapping the frequency of vendors while they are selling their products. Thus while studying we found the places where noises were prominent; where the places where usually customers prefer going.


Mapping  Waste:


Networking: The places for material procuring and the places where vendors stay. The income rate of the vendors (avg.), for each product they sell, and the graph of time shows the amount of time they spend at vegetable market and time used for purchasing and transporting of material. of vendors.


top: Not clear. Too small a map, esp the bottom part

Movement of People and Vendors- The line type, and the distance between those lines represents density of people at Thaltej, Horizontal lines shows the temporary spaces where vendors set-up their business. Vertical lines crossing the horizontal ones are the places where people cross the barricades, the places where customers usually take a short cut, by crossing the plinth. Movement of vendors was also an interesting part of the study and hence green lines are a means to show the density of vendors who normally like to move from one place to other, or just for a short break they usually gather at the tea stall at the back of the market.


Memories- Relation of a person to the place can only be defined by the kind of memories he/ she have gathered while being there. As a viewer, and a part of that space, the glimpse of waste, tea/ Gathiya stalls, cows, dogs, goats, people, cycles, auto rickshaw , etc are the first thing that we first think of . Apart from the vegetable vendors, the things that attract people most where the stall selling, gathiya, fafda, etc. and so the many people gather there in evening. We can see many contrast thing happening side by side and also during the day time. The sign boards like save tree(resembling the skyline at he back) , pigeons for their food in the morning at parking lot, herd of buffalos near the temple for water, vehicular moment at different time, the crowd in morning and evening with someone calling out to buy vegetables and some other for fruits, the dalwada and pani-puri centres,etc. were the most memorable thing at the Thaltej vegetable market.



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This website is a compilation of work done by students of INDUS University, Ahmedabad. The course was a two week long module where they engaged with mapping and unfloding the many layers of small public spaces in Ahmedabad city. This course was taught by Mansi Shah

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