Mapping Municipal Market, Ahmedabad

Team: Pooja Nagaraj, Saloni Shah, Rinal Mistry, Zalak Patel, Pooja Mewada, Chitra Ahuja

Located adjoining one of the busiest streets of the city, the municipal market hosts a lot of visitors every day. People belonging to different age groups are seen hanging around in the square, most likely around the food stalls. The central courtyard, used for parking vehicles, is surrounded by a series of shops on the North, East and South. There are smaller food junctions towards the entrance, in the West, where the crowd is mainly seen. The market opens at 10 in the morning, but the crowd is seen only after 11 am. Students visit in the morning , officials visit in the noon. The actual business starts only in the evening. People start pouring in in larger numbers as the sun hides below the horizon. The vendors have a great time selling goods till late at night and wrap up by 11pm of week days. Weekends are a boon to these vendors. The crowd on weekends is twice as much of that on weekdays and the market is open till 12 in the midnight.

To understand the role of such public squares in a city, we observed both – tangible and intangible aspects of the place to represent them through maps.

The base plan of municipal market shows the types of shops, the nature of the place when the crowd is moderate.


Mapping people: 

GROUND METRIC.jpgMapping the flow of people: Municipal market houses shops selling different types of goods. Not all of them have many customers. To analyze the pattern of flow of people and understand the factors influencing the movement pattern, the following map was made.


Mapping vehicular movement: From 10 in the morning to 11 at night numerous vehicles move in and out of the place. The following map shows the frequency, density and movement pattern of the vehicles mapped on a weekday during the mentioned time.


Mapping the density of people: This is a graphical comparison of the density of people in the municipal market of a weekday and weekend. The graph has not been generated using accurate set of survey data. It is represented with respect to the observations made by us on site, to understand the general difference in the density.


Mapping smell: How can one resist the smell of food in municipal market. This map is a representation of smell at morning and evening respectively. The  dots show the origin on the smell and the circles show the intensity, direction and the distance based on our observation.Morning smell.jpgEvening smell.jpgMapping moods: In a place with so many faces around, different moods prevail. This map shows the moods observed in the place on a weekday. The categories are made based on the observation barely and need not necessarily be the only moods persisting.


Mapping sounds:


Mapping the movement of animals and birds:The least considered and observed visitors are the animals and birds.This place has its own importance of birds and animals as localities take care of them. Pigeons and crows are regular visitors and are fed by the shopkeepers every morning.Squirrels and dogs are seen moving around the market all the time. This map represents the movement of animals and birds in an abstract way.



buildings need to be lighter and subdued. The information takes a back seat. What you want to highlight is the movement of pigeon or animals etc. 

Where do vendors come from? : The map is showing network of Informal Vendors who comes every day to Municipal market from different areas. Most of the vendors sell toys and ladies accessories.


Mapping the identification of the area: The map is showing the identity of each shop and vendors.signages


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This website is a compilation of work done by students of INDUS University, Ahmedabad. The course was a two week long module where they engaged with mapping and unfloding the many layers of small public spaces in Ahmedabad city. This course was taught by Mansi Shah

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