Sam Miller is a journalist who sets out to discover around Delhi and notes his perception about the city. Sam Miller highlights the history of Delhi. He moves from street to street to understand Delhi.

Delhi faced many problems like poverty, population, pollution, calamities and many more, but rose even bigger and better every time. Sam Miller contradicts the history of Delhi with other cities in the world.

He explains how fragments are formed in Delhi with different incidents. It’s very difficult for an individual to stand in such a large metro city.

He tells about Gerard de Nerval who was the prince of flauner. Flauner is a person who wanders aimlessly around cities. Gerard walked through the street of Paris with his pet.

Sam Miller describes the importance of land transport in Delhi, he believes that if that is not experienced then half of the part will be invisible to us. But it’s not easy to walk in such a city with irregular pavements and with the local mentality of the people residing.  But now more number of people have migrated with broader mindsets.

Many people from North India have migrated to Delhi. Very few people have their roots in Delhi. So less people care about the monuments, wildlife, trees in Delhi. It still feels unloved and orphaned. According to Amir Khusro, Delhi was considered as the ‘Heaven on Earth’. Delhi is now treated less as a modern city. Its reputation in India is a place where people suffer from evils, water shortage, power cuts and road rage.

Sam Miller finally understood the model of Delhi. A solution that is aesthetically appealing, mathematically sound and practical. The spiral is the curve that defines Delhi. It is endless. A curve formed by a point which moves around a fixed center and continually moves away from it. He found spiral from mosquito coil to Islamic tile. Delhi started in the center of the city and curved off toward infinity into the countryside beyond the southern suburbs. He got a break from a normal aerial pattern of  Delhi by creating a template for discovery and new meetings.


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This website is a compilation of work done by students of INDUS University, Ahmedabad. The course was a two week long module where they engaged with mapping and unfloding the many layers of small public spaces in Ahmedabad city. This course was taught by Mansi Shah

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