The Agency of Mapping: Speculation, Critique and Invention .- Jhanvi Thakar

James Corner is landscape architect and theorist who mainly work on developing innovative architectural landscape designs and urbanism.

In this book he talks about the mapping and how to do the mapping, and how we approach to do it. Mapping is a how you see the world and how you represent  with different using of the different techniques create the different map as you want also by overlapping and overlapping of the boundaries create in a single map. Here he compares the Mercator’s map with Buckminster Fuller’s this two maps they use two different way to do it but by that techniques they both equally true from their point of view also  use aerial –oblique and zenithal views –planimetry, ichnography, and triangulation were most developed during the early sixteenth century.

A creative view of mapping in the context of architectural, landscape and urban production is rendered all the more relevant by the changing nature of spatial and temporal structures in today’s world. In this day layering is most useful for the different things showing on the one map. In this time map is more useful things know about the neighborhood for urban context.


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This website is a compilation of work done by students of INDUS University, Ahmedabad. The course was a two week long module where they engaged with mapping and unfloding the many layers of small public spaces in Ahmedabad city. This course was taught by Mansi Shah

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