Network of Flour- Khushbu Sanghani and Vatsal Patel

networking-of-bhagwati-flourThe map is about network system. We studied the network system of flour product of Bhagwati flour mill. It is situated at GIDC, Naroda, Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Product of this mill are Meda, Besan and Suji. This system shows the connection of places where raw materials(wheat and gram) are import from and where the products are exported and distributed. It also shows how waste is being used.

The raw material Gram is imported from Russia, Tanzania, Australia and Turkey. Where wheat is  imported from Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh. Machinery are imported from Agra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and local places in Gujarat. The final products are exported to the local states like Rajkot, Surat, Jamnagar and Kalupur. The companies like Balaji, Hladiram delicious food, Annapurna Universal takes direct orders of floor from the mill.


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This website is a compilation of work done by students of INDUS University, Ahmedabad. The course was a two week long module where they engaged with mapping and unfloding the many layers of small public spaces in Ahmedabad city. This course was taught by Mansi Shah

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