Maps done by MIT for “You Are Here” Project – Neel Mewada

This is the project of the social computing Group at the MIT Media Lab. The aim is to make 100 maps of the 100 cities in 27 years. They are not just making the map of the cities for fun; they are putting the narratives of what they feel there, what they want to improve in that city. They are making the map of the little things which is like where the greenery in city, where we crash are bikes the most, where the coffee shops are in the cities. These details are help people to make their city beautiful and awesome. For data sometimes they use Google street view, Sometimes we use census data. Sometimes we use city-level data from police reports or zoning ordinances.

Maps: Out of the 100 maps I’m taking the 3 maps to explain how they add narrative of their experience in the map :



(1) Cambridge map for bicycle crashes:

Map is showing the 746 bike crashes in 2010-2013.his map is helps to see the where the more bike crashes are happens, and also help to government of that city to make that road more safer foe bike riders.In this map the denser yellow dot part is the place where more accident happens not well for bikers. And low dense part to show the street is safer.For this map they use 1. Cambridge police department bicycle accident reports 2.Google geolocation API 3. Google Street view image.



(2) Cambridge for coffee shops:

This map is showing independent coffee shops in Cambridge and the walking shed community associated with them.This map is define the different-different coffee shops and walking shed community area by color.We can use this map to know where this coffee shops are exist and we need it more.



(3) Cambridge map for greenery:

This is map showing the approximate amount of greenery on the street in Cambridge on the map. The relative amount of greenery at the point is represented by a marker’s size and opacity.And the slider at the bottom allows you to see just the streets above a certain threshold for a particular area.and to make this map they use the Google Street view.



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This website is a compilation of work done by students of INDUS University, Ahmedabad. The course was a two week long module where they engaged with mapping and unfloding the many layers of small public spaces in Ahmedabad city. This course was taught by Mansi Shah

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