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This maps are done by Canadian artist Ross Racine. His ideology is to convert the inherent patterns of suburbs or the city layout into an art form. His art works resembles irrationality of road networks. In an interview on Urban Times, he talks about his liking towards suburbs as it offered the most possibilities for creating personal images of it and can be explored endlessly whereas if we talk about dry, barren land it gives nothing more than a blank sheet of paper. He always liked the way suburbs get changed into something artistic if seen as an art. He even agrees that there is a connection between the linearity of existing streets designs and the line drawn by an artist on a paper. Its totally based on aesthetic. The reason behind choosing suburbs is that it symbolizes our global society – its population growth, urban development, land occupancy and connection between nature and human construction.   For his art, his conceptual models are aerial photographs, urban and architectural models.

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This website is a compilation of work done by students of INDUS University, Ahmedabad. The course was a two week long module where they engaged with mapping and unfloding the many layers of small public spaces in Ahmedabad city. This course was taught by Mansi Shah

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